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By means of an apparatus which has since become technologically outdated many doctors, technicians and expectant mothers had, at the time, the moving experience of being able to observe the living fetus.

The initial popularity was not based on its image resolution but rather its ability to allow the operator to display and study movements, such as fetal cardiac motion, gross body movements and fetal breathing movements (see also Part 3).In the International Symposium on Real-time ultrasound in Perinatal Medicine held in Charleroi, Belgium in 1978, most of the presentations were based on results from the Vidoson. For almost ten years, real-time ultrasound has been used in many obstetrics departments.It operated at a frequency of 3.0 MHz sweeping at a frame rate of 150 frames/sec.The axial resolution was 1.25 mm while the beam width at 6 cm was 10 mm.For the first time, the human eye pierced the 'black box' of the womb......

Those who were present in obstetrics departments when this technique was first used soon realized how indispensable it was proving to be in providing a valid means of observation of the fetus and its health, in ascertaining its age and studying its morphology and growth........ Over the last three years, the appearance of the multitransducer scanner has brought about substantial technical progress.His probe consisted of 10 small transducers mounted on an arc-shaped appartus to fit over the eye. Jean Perilhou and her group in France, working under the auspices of the Philips® Company, described a multi-element scanning array in 1967, although they do not produce images in a real-time fashion.The real-time array concept was further expanded by Nicolaas Bom at the Thoraxcenter, University Hospital, Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.Beklædningen i klubben vil være lingeri / undertøj , nøgen, lak, læder , trans eller andre sexuelle udtryk !BODY-BIO er et kæmpe legeland for frisindede – et sted hvor alt kan ske!The Vidoson*, its working mechanism and the resultant image of a fetal face and hand. Malte Hinselmann, using the Vidoson, demonstrated in 1969 the universal visualization of fetal cardiac action from 12 weeks onwards.