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Single chamber parliament
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Sweden joined the European Union on 1 January 1995. EU-MATTERSThe general aim is that the Riksdag shall play a central part in the handling of EU matters.THE RIKSDAG AT A GLANCEEvery four years, Swedish nationals over the age of 18 who live, or have once lived, in the realm elect the members of the Riksdag. The Riksdag shall be involved as early as possible and shall continuously monitor the legislative work at Union level throughout the decision-making process.

The Committee on EU Affairs is the Riksdag body responsible for consultations with the Government regarding the conduct of negotiations in the Council of the European Union prior to decisions in the Council.

The Government shall also consult the Committee prior to meetings of the European Council.

Consequently, the Minister for Finance consulted the Committee on EU Affairs on the matter prior to the Council meeting.

In September, the Committee on EU Affairs was consulted by the Government according to a written procedure on the compromise on the legislative package reached by the European Parliament and the Council.

To complete the picture one should bear in mind that, besides the formal procedures, there is a constant exchange of information and informal cooperative dialogue between the Government and the Riksdag.

The Commission’s Communication COM (2010) 250, Reinforcing economic policy coordination, was adopted in May 2010.A majority in the Committee supported the Government position on the Council’s agreement on a general approach.A week later, the Committee on Finance called on the Minister for Finance once again for deliberations, this time with special reference to the handling of reinforced economic policy coordination and the Euro Plus Pact by the spring European Council.The statement was debated and decided on by the Chamber in late June.The statement was then submitted to the Commission for information within the political dialogue between the Commission and the national parliaments.A couple of days later, the Commission adopted a subsequent Communication, COM (2010) 367, which was taken note of by the Committee on Finance.