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Peter spalton dating doctor
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A group of talented writers share their personal and touching experiences in all matters of the heart. The advice is also candid and witty while being practical and cutting edge.

Here at Dating we’ve gotten to know a lot of great American dating and relationship sites and blogs, but what about those across the pond?

Our 10 Best British Dating Blogs have all the charm, quirk and cheekiness you’d expect from the Brits, so have fun taking a look around. Bragging Rights: Connecting singles Smarter Dating is a British dating blog like no other.

Follow Spalton’s advice and you’ll feel better in the morning.

Social Clout: 3,540 followers, 2,551 likes URL: Bragging Rights: Go inside a woman’s mind Since growing up a “chubby, poor geek in rural England,” Hayley Quinn knows where frustrated daters are coming from.

The content is fun, entertaining and light, with titles like “How Muddy is Your Profile?

” Social Clout: 1,704 followers, 413 likes URL: Bragging Rights: Helping everyone find their soul mate Led by professional life coach Jo Barnett, Dating uk has a gentle and encouraging approach to dating and relationship advice.

From online dating tips to advice for plus size daters, there is no lack to the variety of content.

The best part about Smarter Dating is its focus on technology, which includes videos, apps, profile writing services and more!

K.’s #1 Relationship and Dating Coach,” Jo Hemmings is the go-to for singles dealing with any dating problem, whether it’s mastering online mingling or confidence issues.

Hemmings is a bright, thoughtful and effective coach who caters her advice to each client.

She’s also written five books and has been featured numerous times on BBC. Social Clout: 19,540 followers, 395 likes URL: Bragging Rights: The dating doctor is in Do you have a fever only Love Potion #9 can fix?