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Viking lore According to legend, King Skjold was the son of Odin, the supreme Viking god and ruler of Valhalla.

While most historians have dismissed his existence as a myth, recent archaeological finds have added strength to those who believe Skjold did actually exist – and that he lived and ruled in Gammel Lejre, now nothing more than a small, sprawling village some 16 km west of Roskilde.

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It is the first national park in Zealand, although Parliament is currently looking into Kongernes Nordsjælland in northern Zealand as a possible new national park.The Danish court is powerless to guard against the beast until the arrival of Beowulf, from the land of the Geats in modern-day Sweden, who kills Grendel and then descends under the sea and defeats the monster's mother.Son of Fridleif III Frodasson, King of Danes Father of Ingjaldur Frodasson; Halfdan "the Tall" Frodasson, King of Denmark; Frode Frodasson; Skat Frodeson and Geirød Frodesen Brother of Helga Fridleifsdatter, av Lejre and Olaf "Vegetus" Fridleifsson Half brother of Åle Fridleifsson, King in Denmark and Uppsala See the Wiki for details of sourcing of the above.This rather coherent piece is given without a source: Som søn af en voldtaget kvinde mentes Åle ikke egnet til tronarving; derfor overtog Frode magten efter sin fader.Men Åle blev viking; på grund af sit held i den håndtering fik han (til)navnet Åle hinn fræckne.