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Date portal trier basilica
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The central panel of the tympanum depicts the Coronation, with both Christ and the Virgin seated and nimbed, and the Virgin crowned.The Virgin is seated in profile, and her hands were likely once clasped in prayer (which differentiates it from otherwise similar depictions of this theme at Senlis, Mantes, Laon, and Chartres).Already documented in 1346 as “solzpach” (“solz” meaning salt), the name of the city Sulzbach hints at the saline deposits in the sandstone that dissolved in the ground water.

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Sauerländer considers the dedication of the church in 1216 to be the terminus ante quem for the extant sculptural material from Saint-Yved, and a date of around 1205, as proposed by Williamson, seems reasonable.The iconography of this portal is typical of Coronation portals of this period, and it is a testament to the importance of the cult of the Virgin at this time.After the war, the complex was not officially used as a school. In recent decades, vintners have added reds (especially Spätburgunder) and rosés to the traditional whites (especially Riesling).In the 1970s the University of Trier was refounded and used the buildings until a new university complex was built on the other side of the Mosel valley. Apart from the standard wines and beers (Trier - Löwenbräu, Cologne - often Gaffel Kölsch, Bitburg - Bitburger), one should definitely try Viez.The sculpture from this portal at Saint-Yved is linked, both stylistically and iconographically, to the cathedrals of Laon and Senlis.

Saint-Yved is sometimes understood in opposition to the "orthodox" forms of Chartres Cathedral: at Braine the cylindrical supports are not unified, the clerestory is modest in size and characteristic local forms are applied which included telescoping buttresses and foliate bands around the windows and delicacy in articulation.

Memorable about the building are its slender columns that help to optically unified the space.

A collegiate church of Premonstratensian canons was founded circa 1130 by Josselin de Vierzy, Bishop of Soissons, with an endowment provided by André de Baudement, seneschal of Champagne and of Brie, and his wife Agnès.

The drink is traditionally served in a white porcelain or stoneware mug holding .4 l.

On can find a lot of events in town and Kreis Trier-Saarburg. This city travel guide to Trier is a usable article.

The tympanum from the original west portal has been reset inside in west portion of the building.