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Dana Cup can offer assistance to parents and relatives.We can offer accommodation in hotels, youth hostels etc. For further information click here Each team will pay a start fee, which is binding.

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All players, trainers and leaders and others with accommodation in a school will pay a participantion fee.Your entry form and start fee must reach the Dana Cup by the latest date the 1st of May, 2017.Contact for further information or to make a booking.There are Dana Cup buses running between the bus terminal (Hestkærvej) in the center area and the schools that are more than 2 kms from the center area.Finals in the 7-a-side classes will be played on Friday, the A finals in classes G 19, G 17 and G 13 and the B-finals in classes G19 and G13. Program for the finals Teams who are participating in the Dana Cup have the opportunity to win medals and beautiful trophies.

Read more about certificates, medals, trophies and team photos.There are also buses running between the bus terminal and the playing fields outside the center area.A-Band - Free transport with Dana Cup buses between the clubs school accommodation and bus terminal and also between the bus terminal and playing fields.We can also assist with upgrades from the school accommodation (A-bands) to hotels etc. Read more about our school accommodation and upgrade options Breakfast is served on your school.Lunch and dinner is served in the Fiber Hallen or HALLEN Park Vendia at the Dana Cup center.The tournament will start with a collective march into Bredbånd Nord Arena on Monday the 24th of July at 7.30 pm.